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Axolochi Hack APK [MOD Unlimited Pearls]

On Axolochi Hack APK, you can purchase a wide range of digital collectible axolotl creatures, each with unique traits, colors, and features, allowing you to build your own personalized collection. These axolotls can be bred, customized, and traded within the game’s ecosystem, creating a dynamic marketplace for these virtual amphibians.

Release Date
Oct 17, 2018
Android Req
5.0 or newer
Mod Unlimited Pearls
Is using newest update?

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About Game

Axolochis are axolotls, SUPER cute aquatic creatures from the mystical country of Mexico that you can help grow into hundreds of amazing shapes and colors!

The babies are absolutely ADORABLE but they grow old so FAST!!! Think it’s hard having a teenage human… just wait until you have teenage Axolochi?!? Am I right???

Bathe it, feed it, teach it to pirate random underwater treasure (wait… WHAT?!?) and give it all the love and attention it needs to grow to an adult before you send it off into the world to fulfill its mystical destiny.

But don’t worry your pretty, air-breathing head off. For every Axolochi adult you release to the mystical unknown, you’ll get a brand new axolotl EGG that you can hatch and play with.

The SUPER cool thing about the Axolochis, beyond being super KAWAII, is that they come in all sorts of different shape and colors. Sure, pink and balding is obviously WAYYY cool (just like your grandpa)… but have you ever seen a yellow-electric Axolochi?!? How about a blue-ish purple (or “blurple”) gem Axolochi???

HOLD. THE. PHONE. No… it can’t be. Doth mine eyes deceive me?!? I thought it was only a fairy tale. But it’s true!! BEHOLD the mystical black-DRAGON Axolochi!!!

The more Axolochis you release, the more NEW colors and combinations you’ll UNLOCK.


Features of Axolochi Mod APK

Axolochi Hack APK Mod Cheats

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Pearls
  • Cheats (Android/iOS/iPhone/PC)
  • Free Shopping
  • Hacked Apk
  • Cheat Engine
  • Unlimited Everything

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is Axolochi Mod APK?

Axolochi mod apk is a customized variant of the original application, offering additional features and modifications.

Using Axolochi hack can make you buy:

1. Food : Buy yummy snacks like “Squid Chips” to keep your Axolochi full and happy.

2. Decorations : Purchase cute items like “Starry Wallpaper” to make your Axolochi’s home cozy and stylish.

3. Toys : Get fun toys like a “Bouncy Ball” to entertain and bond with your Axolochi.

4. Costumes : Dress up your Axolochi with cool outfits such as a “Space Explorer Suit” for a unique look.

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Is Axolochi Mod APK safe to use?

Downloading Axolochi from this website is safe, as it has been thoroughly scanned for viruses and verified by trusted online security tools. You can enjoy the game without worrying about any potential risks to your device.

How to download Axolochi Mod APK for free?

To download Axolochi latest version, you can visit and find the mod name. Navigate to the download button and follow the process from there.

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By maximizing everything in Axolochi Mod APK, you can unlock all the unique and cute costumes for your axolotls, making them look even more adorable. For instance, you can dress up your axolotl in a pirate costume with a little eye patch and a tiny hat, adding a fun and charming element to the game.

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