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Seven Hearts Hack APK [MOD Unlimited Diamonds]

Seven Hearts Hack APK offers a diverse range of products, including exquisite handmade jewelry crafted from semi-precious gemstones and precious metals. Additionally, you can purchase unique, custom-designed greeting cards that feature intricate paper artistry and heartfelt messages for various occasions.

Release Date
Jan 4, 2021
Android Req
5.0 or newer
Mod Unlimited Diamonds
Is using newest update?

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Seven Hearts 2

About Game

Boisterous Battle! Seven Hearts!

Team up with your heroes and fight against Undeads!

Play with your own strategy with a giant tank and a legendary heroes supporting your fast hand movements and your own strategy.

Only thrilling victory will always be with you!

★ Compete with a hero of seven classes
Build your own unit with seven types of heroes, Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Defender, Wizard, Golem, and Warlord!
The 300 special heroes who dream of winning with you are upgraded and strengthened through growth and reinforcement.

★ Give the best Weapon to the hero
Make the best equipment to deal with the enemies.
Once the collection is completed, there will be a special reward!

★ Get Tank for back up!
Support the team with the massive tank, each empowered with special abilities!
A diverse and unique tank will be the cornerstone for victory!

★ Battle with the guardian!
Summon a powerful guardian deity to achieve victory!

★ Prove yourself!
It is not just the story mode of the stage.
Real-time Rank PVP, Dungeon Battle, Boss Battle, and even Guild Raid with Guild members
Show off your own hero team and outstanding strategy in different contents!

Features of Seven Hearts Mod APK

Seven Hearts Hack APK Mod Cheats

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Cheats (Android/iOS/iPhone/PC)
  • Free Shopping
  • Hacked Apk
  • Cheat Engine
  • Unlimited Everything

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is Seven Hearts Mod APK?

The Seven Hearts mod apk is a altered rendition of the original apk, offering enhanced features and benefits not found in the standard version.

Using Seven Hearts hack can make you buy:

1. Weapons : Powerful tools like swords and guns to defeat enemies, such as a “Dragon Blade” that deals extra fire damage.

2. Armor : Protective gear to reduce damage taken, like a “Steel Plate Mail” that increases your character’s defense.

3. Potions : Healing elixirs to restore health during battles, such as a “Health Potion” that instantly recovers 100 hit points.

4. Cosmetics : Aesthetic items for customizing your character’s appearance, like a “Starry Robe” that changes your outfit and adds sparkles.

Seven Hearts 3

Is Seven Hearts Mod APK safe to use?

Downloading Seven Hearts from this website is safe because it has been thoroughly scanned for viruses and is regularly updated to ensure security. Additionally, user reviews and ratings confirm its trustworthiness and reliability.

How to download Seven Hearts Mod APK for free?

To download Seven Hearts latest version, you can visit and find the mod name. Navigate to the download button and follow the process from there.

Seven Hearts 4


By maximizing everything in Seven Hearts Mod APK, you can become the most influential leader in the game, gaining control of all territories and resources, like having the most powerful army in the land, which helps you win battles easily and dominate the game.

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