TEKKEN APK MOD v0.4 for Android Game Full Download

TEKKEN APK MOD v0.4 for Android Game Full Version Download

TEKKEN APK MOD v0.4 for Android Game Full Download

TEKKEN APK is one of the best action game.There are so many Fighting games available in the Play store. But Tekken has taken a big fan following. Gameplay is almost same like the old Tekken Games.The very best fighters have an almost inscrutable element to them. Though there are countless games where you can punch and kick your way to victory, these special few manage to make every fight a small spectacle. They become more than a weekend time waster, motivating you to get better even after the most crushing defeat. Tekken Mobile APK MOD is one of those games.

The series is more than two decades old but this latest iteration is filled with so much vitality that even its most expected elements are captivating once again. While Tekken MOD APK does fumble some of the details its competitors have nailed, it has a solid core that rises above these shortcomings. A large part of Tekken’s appeal comes down to its presentation. Even the smallest elements have a certain sharpness to them that contributes to the overall sense of excitement.

The character select screen, for instance, features large, clear portraits of the your all available characters which you have collected from the chest boxes or from the events. After choosing characters and a stage, the words “Get Ready For The Next Battle” appear in a giant golden font surrounded by flames. The game carries itself like it’s a very big deal and the performance is convincing enough that it’s easy to buy into. Such swagger is present in the soundtrack as well, which does a fine job of pumping players up with swelling electric beats.

The biggest aesthetic success is also the most important one. Every character looks fantastic, contributing an identifiable and distinct personality. As usual with Tekken, every attack has a hefty sense of weight, making the most basic move feel like a small victory as you shave chunks of red from your opponent’s health bar. Effective new visual additions ratchet up the drama of fights, such as a slow-motion effect that kicks in when both players are at low health and attack simultaneously. Because the effect only happens during already tense moments, it doesn’t grow tiresome.

Since TEKKEN APK MOD is a freemium game you will have to grind for your favorite character or play daily events to win new characters.There are no energy bars but here problem is about the player health’s. if your character takes damage in the battle then you will have to use medic kit to restore its health if you do not have such kits then you will have to wait for some time until health regenerates automatically. now we have added MOD APK which has fully furbished health bar so you wont have to revive your player or heal them. Apart from this TEKKEN MOD APK is an amazing game with addictive gameplay.

Features of TEKKEN Apk:

• Collect over 20 characters with unique fighting styles
• Upgrade and unlock over 20 unique special moves for each fighter
• Battle it out in Unique Game modes including STORY MODE missions, online versus battles in DOJO CHALLENGE and rotating LIVE EVENT challenges!


•New character: King joins the fight!
•New Throw waza type
•New content for Live updates
•Description popups for store items & dojo chest
•Push notification when fighters are back at full HP
•New match making ranking system for dojo challenge
•Power ratings now show the correct value
•Bonus HP fixed for story mode
•Fixes for Deck Builder, Dojo Vault and Match Results screens
•Various optimizations and small fixes


TEKKEN APK MOD v0.4 for Android Game Full Download
TEKKEN APK MOD v0.4 for Android Game Full Download
TEKKEN APK MOD v0.4 for Android Game Full Download
TEKKEN APK MOD v0.4 for Android Game Full Download

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