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American Dad Apocalypse Soon Hack APK [MOD Golden Turds]

In the mobile game American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, players can buy various in-game items and resources, such as rare weapons and armor, to strengthen their characters and enhance their combat capabilities. Additionally, players can purchase premium currency known as Golden Turds to expedite game progress and access exclusive customization options for their underground lair.

Reliance Games
Release Date
Oct 20, 2019
Android Req
5.0 or newer
Mod Unlimited Golden Turds
Is using newest update?

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About Game

Get ready for the ultimate American Dad! RPG experience!
Epic roleplaying game with your favorite characters!

Aliens have invaded Langley Falls! Stan’s family is being held hostage and the survival of mankind is in your hands. Build Stan’s underground base, gather an army of Roger clones and fight to take back Earth and save the Smith family. RPG adventure awaits!

Turn the Smith basement into your underground shelter. Print money, spend Golden Turds, and produce the valuable resources you need to accomplish your mission. Train and equip your Roger clones with America’s best arsenal. From baseball bats to makeshift raccoon wands, plasma revolvers to electric machine guns, use all the weapons at your disposal. Once your army is ready, you can take on America’s enemies – from violent vagabonds to the Antichrist’s apostles!

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is perfect for those who enjoy RPG with base-building and strategy elements. Packed with endless hours of fun, this roleplaying game has something for everyone!

🔮Coolest RPG features🔮

💥 A new chapter in the American Dad! universe
Enjoy an adventure that takes place right in the heart of Langley Falls. Play this RPG with the American Dad! characters that you know and love.

💥 Humorous narrative written in collaboration with American Dad! writers
Laugh hysterically at authentic American Dad! jokes as you progress through this RPG! Plunge into a story-driven campaign where winning has never been this funny.

💥 A multi-layer RPG with tons of customization
Enjoy countless customization options to craft an unstoppable and stylish Roger army! Enhance your heroes abilities and power up their weapons – turn them into the real champions! Get ready for some roleplaying action, put yourself in Stan’s shoes and survive the apocalypse.

💥An entire Smith household to command and upgrade
Build and upgrade your shelter to protect Stan and his army. Rearrange the rooms to give the house the look and feel that’s uniquely “you”.

💥A PvE campaign to save the world and a PvP arena to prove you’re the best!
Enjoy the apocalypse alone, or with your friends! American Dad! has both solo and multiplayer modes – battle it out against other Smith families! Show the whole world that you’re the last Stan standing.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon © 20th Television

Features of American Dad Apocalypse Soon Mod APK

American Dad Apocalypse Soon Hack APK Mod Cheats

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Golden Turds
  • Cheats (Android/iOS/iPhone/PC)
  • Free Shopping
  • Hacked Apk
  • Cheat Engine
  • Unlimited Everything

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is American Dad Apocalypse Soon Mod APK?

The American Dad Apocalypse Soon mod apk is a customized variant of the original apk, offering enhanced features and alterations for a unique gaming experience.

Using American Dad Apocalypse Soon hack can make you buy:

1. Gold: Virtual currency used for various in-game purchases, like speeding up tasks or acquiring items. For example, you can buy 500 Gold for $4.99.

2. Resources: Essential materials like food, water, and power used for base upgrades and character tasks. For instance, you can purchase 1,000 Food for $2.99.

3. Weapons: Equip your characters with powerful gear to boost their combat abilities. A Laser Sword costs 300 Gold.

4. Character Skins: Customize your characters’ appearances with fun outfits, like Stan’s “Disco King” skin for 500 Gold.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon 3

Is American Dad Apocalypse Soon Mod APK safe to use?

Downloading American Dad Apocalypse Soon from this website is considered safe as it has been verified by reputable sources and has no reported security issues. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when downloading any software and ensure you’re using a legitimate source to avoid potential risks.

How to download American Dad Apocalypse Soon Mod APK for free?

To download American Dad Apocalypse Soon latest version, you can visit and find the mod name. Navigate to the download button and follow the process from there.

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By maximizing everything (money and resources) in American Dad Apocalypse Soon Mod APK, you can build a powerful army of clones that can easily defeat tough opponents, like the Alien Invasion event.

Download American Dad Apocalypse Soon APK Mod


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